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    During the balmy Summer days of 1990s Florida, a young JC would spend his days at his grandparents' home. There he would lay in the living room floor and have epic battles with his G.I. Joes, turn the bathtub into a stunt arena for his Micro Machines & Hot Wheels, and binge as many Nicktoons and Disney cartoons as possible. When the shows ended, it was time to race his bike with the neighborhood kids until the street lamps buzzed on.  Then, back into Grandpa's house to power up the SNES and smash buttons, hoping that Grandpa wouldn't ever come and say the news had ended.

    The feeling of such joy, and wonderful memories, from these times is what drove JC to start Fenyx Games and Collectibles. He wanted to bring back life to all of the great toys, video games, trading cards, electronics and other things from his childhood. So, the quest to rescue them from dusty basements, forgotten closets and sweltering attics, began.

   Our mission is to rebirth the emotions and memories of our customers by reconnecting them with the toys, games and collectibles they loved in the past.  We passionately seek out beloved franchises and seek to acquire the best quality products available.  We aim to provide a wide selection, so that we might bring happiness to collectors of all types.

    We hope that you will help us bring Old Stuff, New Life!

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